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Spillway Retaining Wall Shake Table Test Program 2016

Spillway Retaining WallFull Size Spillway Retaining WallFull Size

This research aims ultimately to provide seismic performance of a spillway based on experimentally validated engineering procedures with variation of topographical ground conditions. The research work involves intensive dynamic tests for the steel spillway specimen (3.3 ft height, 6 ft width, and 9 ft long in model scale). This spillway is buried in the laminar soil shear container. Dimensions of the container are a length of 22 ft, a width of 9.6 ft, and a height of 11 ft. The spillway and soil will be extensively instrumented to acquire measurements of accelerations, displacements, strains, earth/soil pressures, etc, during the shaking. Each soil-foundation system will be tested under a series of earthquakes starting with slow motions with low amplitude and culminating with two earthquake motions (Northridge and Takatori records).


PI:Dr. Ahmed ElgamalUniversity of California San Diego
Post-doctoral researcher:Dr. Kyungtae KimUniversity of California San Diego
Contact Person:Dr. Ahmed Elgamal


The Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table is supported in part by the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Engineering Simulation (NEES) program of the National Science Foundation under Award Number CMMI-0927178.

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