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Video Footage, Seismic Design Guidelines of Retaining Walls Test

Seismic Design Guidelines of Retaining Walls with/without Sound Wall

The objective of the research project on retaining walls is to develop improved and validated rational guidelines for seismic design of retaining walls to overcome the drawbacks in the existing Caltrans design specification and tools. The research work involves 2 separate validation tests on two full-size retaining walls (each wall is about 8.5 feet long and 6 feet high Type 1 Semi-Gravity Reinforced Concrete Cantilever Wall, with a total height of 7.5 feet including a 1.5 feet thick bottom footing).

The first test includes one retaining wall without sound wall and the second test includes a sound wall on top of the second retaining wall. The walls will be backfilled...

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Seismic Design Guidelines of Retaining Walls Test Videos


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