NEES @ UC San Diego

Video Equipment

The Englekirk Center has the following video cameras and components available for use during a shake table test.

Equipment Model Manufacturer Quantity Image Type
High-Definition Video Camera Recorder HDR-CX560 Sony 2 1080P HD, 30 fps
Hybrid Video Recorder HVR908S-16-S3 Dahua 1 1080P HD 30fps
Hybrid Video Recorder IDVR-PRO Camera Pro 1 1080P HD 30fps
Color WDR HDCVI Cameras HCC514R Dahua 16 4MP Motorized Lens
Color HD Cameras AHD-BL5H Camera Pro 16 2 MP AHD 1080P
HD Cameras GoPro2 GoPro 15 1080P video 30fp/sec
Wireless remote control
Telestream Wirecast Wirecast Pro Telestream 1 Live Video Streaming
DRone Phantom 4 Pro Drone DJI 1 1080/4K


The Large High-Performance Outdoor Shake Table is supported in part by the George E. Brown, Jr. Network for Engineering Simulation (NEES) program of the National Science Foundation under Award Number CMMI-0927178.

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